1. The New Pharisee – (SB Publishing, NY) 2010


2. Pebbles In The Pond – Wave II (2013)

3. The New Pharisee – softcover, kindle. 2012

In Progress:

4. Jaded: The True Story of how one of the nation’s youngest felons achieved the American Dream

5. The Conqueror (historical novel) – In process: The Conquest of England by William the Conqueror as told through the harrowing journeys of his brother – Robert De Mortain

6. Soul-Connect – in progress: Building strong and meaningful relationships with those we love. (A practical guide for developing deep connections that reach the souls of others. Jesus developed deep soul connections that created change in those he spent time with. He was the MASTER SOUL-CONNECTOR!) This new book has been entered in the 2012 Transformational Author Contest. I’m crossing my fingers!

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