On The Air

Many of you probably don’t know this but I was a cohost of a weekly talk show for three years on Omaha’s #1 talk station KKAR in the 1990’s called “Straight Talk”.

It was a call-in show hosted by Ty Schenzel and his beautiful and über-talented wife Terri (ok Ty , if you are out there you are über-talented as well of course!) and me – and we literally had the time of our lives!

We must have had fifty young people and adults on our creative teams (Straight Talk Brain Trust and Straight Talk Spinal Cord) and they came up with the most amazing ideas for our shows.

One of my roles beyond cohosting was often opening the show – we would have the count down from our amazing KKAR producer CJ, and then the “live on the air” light would come on and I welcomed everyone to the show.

It was always nerve racking because the countdown would begin and we were tweaking and strategizing right up to the time limit.

I think the most memorable thing about the show was touching such a wide audience – and just getting an idea of how many hurting people there are in our world. Being on a show like that can go to one’s head if not careful. But I’m thankful that instead, it made me more convicted that I want to be in the transformation business for the rest of my life regardless of my vocation. I want my life to make a difference in the lives of others.

I hope you can take a look around you today and see the needy people everywhere, and instead of thinking “how can these people serve me?” Think rather, “how can I help be a transformational agent in my world and help others become successful socially, physically, spiritually and economically?”

Are you ready to go out there today and make a difference in someone’s life? Even a kind smile has been known to re-route the courses of some of the most desperate and hopeless.

Get ready! Pretty soon you will walk out the door and have many opportunities!

“Three… Two… One, and …

We are Live, ladies and gentlemen!”


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