Getting Personal

Getting personal…

Yeah, that’s hard for me. After all, we live in a cynical world.

We judge, we form opinions, we allow our ugly side to get the best of us. And we are well aware that we must put our best foot forward at all times. If you are a celebrity this is of course magnified even more.

In today’s world, we need to earn the right to be heard. We need to show we are trustworthy and safe rather than two-faced and shallow. The question for you and I is this: are we a safe human being running around on planet earth, or are we one of the ugly ones?

I don’t mean ugly on the outside. True ugliness is displayed on the inside. And true beauty is shown by the pure hearted who give and serve and think of others before themselves on a consistent basis.

Man, this is beginning to sound like impossible fantasies. I don’t mean it to at all.

You know what I mean. Think about your mother. Why do you consider her a safe person and a beautiful person? Exactly – because you know that your mother is always thinking the best of you, always speaking the best of you in your absence, and always thinking about your needs over her own.

If ever the Lord above yearned for some safe people to help Him meets the needs of a hurting world, it is now. Without safe people, we can not get personal; we cannot get real. Without safe people, we must have guards up, protecting ourselves from each other; playing the game where we think we are better than others and act out those ugly passions.

Truth is – you are not better than anyone else, we are all weak imperfect human beings, and God sees this is so 24 / 7, so stop with the games and start becoming safe.

Don’t get me wrong, we must put up with the ugly people, smile when they hurt us, forgive them when they wrong us, speak well of them when they speak poorly of us behind our backs.

We must do this because it will heap hot coals on their heads – hot coals of conviction in their consciences. And they will realize the stupidity of their ugliness, and start getting pretty.