Transformation Fuel

I admit it – I have run out of gas before.

One time my wife and I were driving home after a late night and I noticed that my fuel gauge said I was getting close to empty.

Now first a word about fuel gauges – I look back on the vehicles I have owned through the years – all of them had fuel gauges that indicated when you were exactly empty! Ha – you know, like when the red is at the top of the empty dash, and when it goes all the way below the dash to “actual empty”. (Are you laughing yet?)

Seriously, there is really an actual empty and a technically empty on your vehicle.

But this night when Sylvie and I drove my car till we ran out of gas, my indicator has changed now and no longer goes below the empty line. It gets stuck at just above empty!

Now I know – once I get near empty, I must get gas because once it hits just above empty, that’s the last point I know when the last gallon of gas is available!

It’s so important in life to know when we are getting close to empty – if we stop being able to know how much fuel we have, we won’t know until its too late and we find ourselves stranded , frustrated and isolated.

In order to experience true personal transformation in your life, you need fuel to get you there.

And in order to make sure you have enough fuel, make sure to constantly watch your levels and indicators – the Bible is our indicator and gauge . The Spirit of God is that fuel you and I need in order to be ready for our transformation journey – be filled every day!

More about TRANSFORMATION next time!


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