“I’ll get to it tomorrow…”

Famous last words.

Some of you out there are habitual go-getters – you are always over-prepared, you were the first one to finish each homework assignment in high school, you always finish everything you start…

Hmm. On second thought, I don’t think I know anybody like that. Oh, there are people I know who come pretty close to the aforementioned description. But alas, none of us are perfect.

I personally think it’s a miracle when any project is completed. Of course, the scope of the assignment makes all the difference.

Your project might be to clean your storage room – but can you imagine Noah having to stay focused on building the ark? This was a century-long process! What patience Noah must have had to must each day as his detractors mocked him.

“Hey Noah! How’s that boat working out for ya?” “Noah I hope your planning to put three-story wheels on that thing!”

They laughed and laughed at him, until it rained. And tomorrow finally became today and it was too late to get on the boat.

I hope you have the patience to stick with whatever God-given promise you may be waiting on. But don’t get complacent – tomorrow becomes today a lot sooner than you think!

Until next time,



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