“Have you had your devotions today?” “Make sure you have your devotional time.”

We say that kind of thing to each other as Christians just kind of off hand. But it is a good thing to keep saying to one another. Devotion to God is a tough row to how in our present society.


So many distractions – so many interruptions, so many details, so little time.

You know, I always tell people they must create some kind of devotional habit – I mean, even if its two minutes a day to read a few Scriptures and then pray for your family and your day.

Have to start there – at least something each day. That tiny act each day takes a little prioritizing, but it’s doable.

Having said that, let’s keep this understanding in mind. We try to be like Jesus – we do our best to make ourselves holy and righteous before him – we strive to be close to Him because, well… that’s what we are supposed to do, right?

Hmm. That’s a toughy.

I remember how much I prayed and fasted my first year as a new follower of Christ – I was doing so much, and I prided myself on that fact. I would ask people how much they prayed or fasted . And usually I was way ahead of them regarding devotions. And guess what? That fact made me so happy.

And now today I look back on that religious young man that I once was and while I am impressed with the regemented life and consistency, I smile because of what I know now.

And what is that you ask?

Glad you asked!

I know today that a week of walking with God through a deep valley, tragic scenario, physical or emotional trial is so much more powerful in terms of feeling truly close to Jesus – not to take anything away from prayer or devotions.

If you truly want devotion to God, ask the Spirit of God to break you, to change you, to bring you through the fire. I would be careful to actually ask God for that, but if you go through a serious trial, you will find a close fellowship with God that 24 hours a day of fasting and praying for ten years straight could never accomplish.

Problem with that is, we can’t brag about trials. We can’t control or manipulate the how and the when and the why. It just comes when we least expect it, in a way we thought it never would.

And suddenly, a whole new kind of pure devotion to God has begun in our lives.

More on brokenness next time!



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