Opening Title Scene

Opening Title Scene.


“Hey, you look like you could use some rest!”

How many times have I heard someone say that to me this past year? Too many to count.

Yes, 2012 was very busy for me. A lot going on for a creative person like me who always has too many good ideas. But you know, I would rather be busy than bored.

We’ve all been reminded this year I’m sure, how precious our time on earth is. We never know how long we have to live. And if we suddenly run into health issues, well then life would become quite a different experience.

Having said that, I do believe in resting. After all, God did make an entire day out of the week to remind us how important resting is.

There is a way to get rest and still be about the things God has called us to. I certainly do not have it mastered. I tried to rest over the Christmas holidays.

Have you ever had the thought that Christmas vacation is busier than any other time of the year? We all look forward to this time of “rest and relaxation” even if it is more hectic than usual.

Somehow, God wants us to expereince HIS REST by walking and living in the Spirit. Somehow there is a way to engage in Christmas activities and yet still find time for God to refresh us.

I pray that 2013 is more restful for you than u ever dreamed; even if it is your busiest ever!