2000 years ago, Jesus didn’t have the luxury of employing a public relations firm to help market his brand.

But can’t you just imagine if he did?

I can just see Andrew leading the way as the Twelve members of Christ’s entourage come walking into a top ad agency’s stylish boardroom with glass walls and multi-media screens. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see the disciples dressed in snappy formal attire, carrying iPads and iPhones?

And of course, Peter would interrupt his younger brother Andrew and open the meeting. “All right, all right! Let’s get this party started! What can you do for our leader? He needs a new mission statement and maybe a good logo. What about a TV commercial?”

Of course, there would be one stick-in-the-mud detractor – Judas. “Hold on a second, big guy! We ‘re not going to talk about anything until we first look at our budget. And I would say, we are not exactly in the black, if you know what I mean.”

As we know, Jesus did not choose to market his message, as the world usually does. He did not hire an ad agency nor did he employ the services of public relations experts. He chose not to put up posters and billboards to advertise his cause.

Jesus was prepared to “go public” with his message in a personal and self-less way. He did everything out of a heart of love and compassion.

We can be true representatives of God in this moment and time by simply allowing Christ to love others through us. When we show the world our God is full of compassion, they will listen to our message and watch our lives.

They will take note of us just like a billboard on the side of a busy highway. We will be lights – set high on a hill, shining his light to all.

That’s just good advertising from God’s point of view.

Until next time!


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