Hot in the USA

It’s hot. It’s too hot.

But I have a confession, I like the heat.

I always have. Growing up in freezing Minnesota, I guess I had my share of cold temperatures. When it’s 30 degrees below zero and you are wearing two layers of sweaters, your mind starts to wander to a happy place.

My happy place? Usually a hot spot in the world – known for extreme heat. So I grew up fascinated with deserts, Mexico, India, Egypt… anywhere hot. I am not much of a sweat producing male, so that never really bothered me either. I love saunas, and hot whirlpools. I hate it when the whirlpool is not hot enough. I try not to complain about it, though. Usually other less patient folks are the complainers.

Now that doesn’t mean that I like hearing about people that die from heat exposure, or other heat related suffering. Of course I do not like to hear about those scenarios that happen as a result from too much heat.

I even like to pray in the heat. Sometimes I go for a prayer walk when it is hot. To me, it almost seems like an ethereal experience as you walk along a bike path or sidewalk or garden. Everything seems still in the hot air. It’s too hot for rain, storms or even wind. It’s calm and still and for some reason, very pleasing to me.

I know, I’m probably crazy.

Today I am thinking it would be so good to get out in the heat for a few minutes.

Of course Israel understood the desert life. They were miraculously delivered out of Egypt and ushered into freedom under the leadership of Moses and Aaron. They came into the desert eventually, and of course, as a result of their lack of obedience, they became desert dwellers for a generation until they learned to trust their Maker.

They had water and Manna to keep them and sustain them. But they grew impatient fairly quickly. Don’t judge them. Can you imagine being led through the desert with the understanding that you would soon feast on the best meat, milk and honey, only to discover that the only available meal in the desert is this strange, heavenly meal?

I like it hot, but that’s only because we have air conditioning and cool, clean, pure water to drink. Can you imagine having to wait for divine provision every time you thirst and hunger? Well, it sounds “bad”. But really, it is a blessing to watch God do his thing over, and over, and over. It was a faith builder to some folks.

But what about you and I? I hope we can trust God in the desert, and know that His provision is as real as our water faucet, refrigerator and air condition switch.

Maybe we will like it hot, at least from time to time. 🙂

So hot.

I love it!



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