Getting There

This has been one of those hot days when you just want to hit the beach and jump in the water rather than work. But I have so much to do. Sounds like a great opportunity to pray.

So on the Heart of The City front, I am redoing the opening titles and closing credits. There were some people inadvertently left out… Not really anyone that was too involved, but still I value all who were part of this project so I want to get that right.

People ask why we are doing these improvements and my basic answer is because a company called Crash N Sues has agreed to finish the film and do final color correcting and several other things including a re edit in the actual 1920 1080 digital format.

I am excited to update you on the re release of HEART OF THE CITY  with all of these improvements.  We hope to have it available on blu-ray, online, and possibly some theatrical. I have had numerous requests to show the film in churches. Should be interesting.

I am ghostwriting one novel, and writing another novel with a friend who is a huge historical novel buff. Maybe I will post some samples for you to check out. I dont have a lot of time to write, but the wee mornings are usually the best.

Well, thats all for now. Cheers!


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